Club OLAY Rewards

, you'll earn points whenever you shop on OLAY.com. When you've collected enough points you can cash them in on OLAY.com for credits towards a future purchase. And the best part is, joining is free! So become a member of Club Olay today and start earning points – you'll be well on your way to your rewards.

How to Earn

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When you join Club OLAY, you'll earn points automatically when you shop!

  • For every dollar you spend on OLAY.com, you'll earn 10 points
  • When you sign up for Club OLAY you’ll receive 500 points
  • Existing members of Club OLAY will automatically receive 500 points

How to Spend

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You can cash in the points you’ve earned on OLAY.com for a credit towards your next purchase. The more points you collect, the more you save!

  • 1000 points for a $10 credit
  • 3000 points for a $35 credit
  • 5000 points for a $75 credit