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About Olay

The Olay Standard
Pioneering transformative skin care for all for over six decades
Since 1952 we’ve worked to revolutionize skin care by keeping real people at the focal point. With every new innovation we introduce to the world and every clinical trial we run, our goal is simple: develop effective skin care that truly works and can be available to everyone.
The Olay Standard

With a deep understanding of skin aging, superior formulations, and performance testing, Olay scientists design and develop products that actually work.

We choose quality ingredients to create formulas that work
We work to determine a Safe Range for each and every ingredient based on a similar process many regulatory agencies and scientific groups use to ensure safety. Globally, we follow the guidelines of groups like the European Union Commission, the World Heath Organization and the National Academy of Sciences.
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Fight skincare misinformation with Olay Scientists​
We’ve partnered with Coursera, an online educational platform, to create a series of classes on cosmetic science. Our Olay scientists have designed these classes to demystify industry principles and best practices. Whether you’re a skincare enthusiast or someone considering cosmetic science as a career, you can learn the basics of the skincare industry and get a cosmetic science certificate on Coursera with courses taught by our very own scientists.
Fight Skincare Misinformation

Our Commitments

Facing the stem gap

facing the stem gap

Helping shape the future of women in STEM careers

Equality and inclusion

Equality & Inclusion

We champion a more diverse and inclusive standard of beauty

The olay skin promise

the olay skin promise

We commit to zero skin retouching in all advertising

End Animal Cruelty

end animal cruelty

Calling for an end to all animal testing of cosmetics globally

Recognizing future STEM leaders with our HBCU Ambassador Program
We want to close the STEM gap, so Olay is partnering with HBCU students pursuing STEM careers, so we can see a future with 3X the number of women of color in STEM.
Stem leaders HBCU
Apply to become a STEM HBCU Ambassador!
If you’re selected as an ambassador, you can expect:
  • School sponsorship donations, Olay merchandise, Olay products
  • $2,500 in scholarship
  • Boosting your influencer content through Olay

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We work every day to empower women to love the skin they're in.

Find skin care that’s right for you and your unique skin
With your unique skin needs and a growing list of products to try, searching for the right skin care can be daunting. That’s why we’ve created multiple resources to help your narrow your search!
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