Your Guide to Avoiding Maskne

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Your Guide to Avoiding Maskne

2020-09-02 | concerns

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This helpful guide will keep your skin looking and feeling fresh beneath your mask

You’ve been talking, we’ve been listening. We’ve noticed concerns about a new skin problem called maskne. As the name implies, maskne is what happens to the delicate skin around your nose and mouth after a day of mask wearing like redness, bumps, dullness and oiliness. Don’t worry! You don’t have to suffer through bad skin, because we’ve put together this handy guide to keep your skin looking and feeling its best no matter what life throws at it.

What causes maskne?

• Dirt, oil, sweat and makeup

When you have a face mask pressed close to your skin, the usual culprits have nowhere to go. All that dirt, oil, sweat and makeup can be trapped, causing a host of issues like clogged pores and redness.

• Skin barrier interruption

The skin barrier functions best when it’s allowed to breathe. Wearing a face mask can create a hot, moist environment and frequent rubbing, which can disrupt your skin barrier and make skin problems worse.

• Stress

Let’s be real, times are stressful! Stress can lower your body’s ability to heal itself and rising cortisol, the “stress hormone”, is often linked to skin issues. So if you’re noticing a rise in maskne, it could have a lot to do with the stress you’re feeling.

How to prevent maskne

• Go for a balanced cleanse

Cleanse well and exfoliate often during mask season, but don’t overdo it! Too much cleansing can strip your skin of the natural oils it needs to protect itself, which can increase redness and clogged pores. Use a gentle, non-soap cleanser, and consider

• Fortify your facial skin barrier

Moisturize like your skin depends on it. This may sound counter-intuitive, but a good moisturizer can help mitigate the effects of oil and sweat on your skin. Hydration can help keep the good nourishment in while keeping the clogging oils out. We like to start with a Deep Hydration Serum for lightweight hydration followed with a long-lasting moisturizer.

• Take a little time out for self-care

Self-Care is more important than ever. We’ve always felt skincare is self-care because when you take time out to care for your skin, you’re doing your whole body a world of good. So take a bubble-bath. Go makeup-free for the week (or the month, or forever.) When it’s possible, choose beauty products without heavy fragrance or dyes and upgrade to gentle, nourishing formulas. When you feel great, you look great.

Skincare must-haves for maskne prevention

• Team Clean Power Couple

If you have oily/combo skin, this duo will give you a deep-clean to get rid of lingering dirt and oil without stripping much-needed natural oils from your skin.

• Fragrance-Free Hydration Power Couple

If you have dry or sensitive skin, this fragrance-free serum and moisturizer combo will give your skin the plumping, nourishing hydration it craves beneath the mask.

• Regenerist Exfoliating Set

Great for all skin types, this bundle is crafted for powerful exfoliation that’s gentle on your skin barrier, making it a perfect addition to your new mask routine.

We hope this guide helps you navigate this sticky new skin situation. With just a little extra care and a little more breathing room, your skin can look better than ever. And take care of yourself – you deserve it!

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