Pores Are the New Wrinkles

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Pores Are the New Wrinkles

2024-02-08 | concerns

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We all have millions of pores but they only become an issue when they start to become noticeable to the naked eye. Research shows that texture and pore appearance begins to worsen in a woman’s 20s, before peaking in her 40s or 50s.

Luckily, there are several things you can do to reduce the appearance of pores.

What Exactly Are Pores?

Pores are the opening to your hair follicles and contain sebaceous glands that produce oil. They are essential to keeping your skin healthy and hydrated. Pore size can vary depending on your age and genes.

What Makes Pores Bigger?

Pores get clogged due to build-up of dead skin cells. Excess sebum (oil), which is sticky, can trap dead skin cells inside pores. When pores are chronically congested, they will eventually stretch out and get larger.

Damage from the sun’s UV rays can also enlarge pores. Combined with free radicals, UV rays weaken collagen and elastin, the two supporting structures of our skin. This leads to drooping skin, resulting in larger looking pores.

How to Reduce the Appearance of Pores?

• Tighten up:

Use a cleansing scrub with salicylic acid to help exfoliate the skin and unblock the surface of pores.

• Shun the Sun:


Always apply a daily facial moisturizer with at least SPF 15. Look for one that is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores.

• Get the Glow:

A CC cream helps diffuse and reflect light as it hits your skin, making your complexion look beautifully smooth.

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