Maximize Your Hydration with Olay Serums

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Maximize Your Hydration with Olay Serums

2020-09-02 | featured

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Just one drop of an Olay serum has the power to renew one million surface skin cells. But that wasn’t enough for our beauty scientists at Olay – they wanted to pump up the benefits to the MAX. So they crafted MAX Serums, which are so packed with skin-transforming ingredients, and our max concentration of skin energizing complex, that you can truly maximize your skincare. Learn how these powerful products can help maximize your hydration below.

What are Olay MAX Serums?

Like all of our serums, MAX serums are designed to do one thing: deliver skincare ingredients into the surface of your skin as efficiently as possible. They glide on smoothly and dry quickly, leaving no sticky, greasy, or thick feeling on your skin.
The difference lies in the concentration of ingredients. In each of our MAX serums – Tone, Wrinkle and Hydration, we have doubled the amount Vitamin C, Peptides or Hyaluronic Acid. With this, you can maximize your skincare benefits without adding an extra step to your routine.

Olay MAX Serums

Olay MAX Serum – Tone | 2x the Vitamin C*
Get bright and even skin to the max with this powerful serum. Use day and night to experience visibly bright skin and a healthy glow and lightweight, non-greasy hydration that absorbs quickly. Shop MAX Tone

Olay MAX Serum – Wrinkle | 2x the Peptides*
Get smooth and firm skin to the max with this peptide-packed serum. With consistent use, you’ll experience visible fine line and wrinkle reduction, stronger skin, and better hydration*. Shop MAX Wrinkle

Olay MAX Serum – Hydration | 2x the Hyaluronic Acid*
Quench your parched skin with our MAX Hydration Serum. Use before your moisturizer to experience powerfully hydrating benefits for better hydration results* and long-lasting benefits. Shop MAX Hydration

* vs base Olay Serum Collection
Whether you want to upgrade your skincare routine or maximize your product benefits, we have a MAX serum that’s right for you. If you’re looking for more MAX benefits, browse our entire line of MAX products! Shop Olay MAX

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