How to Diminish Dark Under Eye Circles

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How to Diminish Dark Under Eye Circles

2024-02-08 | lifestyle

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Dark under eye circles do not discriminate: they affect the young, the old, and people of all ethnicities. Learn how to help prevent, manage, and cover up dark circles so you can look refreshed and rested every morning!

Easy Lifestyle Fixes to Minimize Dark Circles

● Don’t Skimp on Sleep

Get seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Try sleeping with a second pillow so your head is elevated, preventing fluid from accumulating around your eyes.

● Avoid Too Much Salt or Alcohol

Salt and alcohol can dehydrate your skin and cause swelling around your eyes as fluid retention accumulates.

● Check on Your Allergies

Allergies cause sinus congestion and can dilate blood vessels, giving the appearance of dark circles. Talk to your doctor about allergy treatments.

● Don’t Sleep with Make Up

Leftover make up (especially mascara and eyeliner) can irritate eyes, so it is important to remove it before bed to avoid waking up with raccoon eyes.

Dark Circle Under Eye Tips!

● Always Remove Make Up

Use a water activated cloth or wet wipe make up remover. Avoid rubbing or pulling too harshly around the delicate eye area.

● Moisturize Everyday

Apply a moisturizer with SPF daily to help prevent sun damage. A moisturizer with niacinamide (Vitamin B3) can also minimize the appearance of skin discoloration.

● Use a targeted eye cream

Hydrate to smooth and brighten the eye area with an eye cream to help reduce the look of under eye dark circles.

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