Skin Care Tips for Your 20s

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Skin Care Tips for Your 20s

2024-02-08 | aging

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If you are like most 20-somethings, hormones have settled and puberty-driven acne has subsided. But now you have a new set of skin care concerns, from unexpected adult acne to the first signs of aging. With a few simple steps, you will have no problem keeping your skin beautiful and glowing.

Tips for Skin in Your 20s

  1. Cleanse & Exfoliate

    Wash your face twice daily to remove excess oil, dirt and make-up. A gentle exfoliating cleanser or device will help wash away a layer of dead skin that would otherwise clog your pores.

  2. Moisturize

    After cleansing in the morning, apply a moisturizer that contains a broad spectrum SPF of at least 15. And don’t forget to take advantage of the time your skin repairs itself while you sleep by applying a moisturizer before bed as well.

    Look for key ingredients like aloe and vitamins E and B3 to help keep your skin supple.

  3. Don't Forget Your Eyes

    Your 20s are prime time to incorporate an eye cream into your daily routine. By hydrating the thin skin under your eyes, you will help relieve puffiness and dark circles and also prevent future fine lines.

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