Tips on How to Get Rid Of Back and Chest Acne

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Tips on How to Get Rid Of Back and Chest Acne

2020-09-02 | concerns

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Let Olay’s expert tips help banish your body acne and that fear of showing some skin. 

Did You Know?

  • * Body acne is very common, almost as common as facial acne
  • * The most common places for body breakouts are the back and chest
  • * The same glands that cause acne on your face also cause acne on your body
  • * If you do suffer from facial acne, you are more likely to also suffer from body acne

Tips for Beating Body Breakouts

  • Exfoliate

    Exfoliation is the first step in clearing body breakouts. By removing a layer of dead skin, you are getting rid of the buildup that can otherwise clog your pores. Do not use a wash cloth or loofah since they store dead skin and bacteria and make your body acne worse.

  • Cleanse

    Your current body wash may not solve your body acne problem. You will need to treat your body breakouts with a cleanse that contains salicylic acid, which is found in most acne cleansers.

  • Moisturize

    Keeping your skin too dry will actually cause your skin to produce more oil. Be sure to use a light-weight moisturizer that is non-comedogenic, meaning it will not clog pores.

Additional Prevention Tips

  • Rinse Off After Working Out

    After a workout, immediately rinse off and change your gym clothes. The sweat and dirt on your skin can create a breeding ground for breakout causing bacteria. 

  • Beware of Hair

    Keep long hair off of your back since many hair care products can leave pore-clogging residue on your skin.

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