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  • The ultimate skin polish, Olay Hydrating Scrub with Vitamin C & Caviar Lime Essence, is also thoughtfully designed. That’s because it won’t strip your skin and it’s made over-scrubbing impossible with itsy-bitsy sugar-like crystals that break down as you cleanse. Genius! Plus, with ingredients like Vitamin C, this scrub instantly brightens to uncover your inner glow, and Caviar Lime Essence makes you feel like your strolling through a rainforest. Doesn’t that sound like the most refreshing way to start and end your day? Go on, get your glow on and see true skin transformation after 28 days of using Olay.


  • Vitamin C

    It's naturally-occurring antioxidant that is known to fight free radicals. This Vitamin C infused formula ultimately reduces visible damage that you see in the mirror, like fine lines and uneven skin tone. It is also known to help brighten your skin and fortify its moisture barrier in the surface levels of the skin. Think of it as a healthy citrus kiss for your skin.

  • Caviar Lime Essence

    Inspired by Caviar Lime found in the Australian rainforest (or your bathroom). The Caiar Lime essence infused formula is a wonderfully gentle, yet effective exfoliator.

  • Hydrated Silica

    These tiny non-scratching skin-polishers, AKA Hydrated Silica, break down while removing dirt and oil. This unique characteristic will prohibit you from over-scrubbing and ultimately protect you from unintended damage of over-exfoliation. Pretty cool huh?

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  • Cleanse your skin to remove dirt, oil, or makeup. And if you feel like you need a little extra oomph, try a scrub.

  • Treat your complexion concerns with skin-specific formulas like brightening serums, smoothing eye creams, or hydrating mists. A little pampering goes a long way.

  • Moisturize to protect your skin. For daytime, use a formula with SPF and for nighttime use a nourishing formula. Hydrated skin is happy skin!


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