Super Serum Night Repair 5 Luxury Night Serum Benefits in 1

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1 Ounce
  • Fragrance Free
  • 24-Hour
  • Lightweight
  • Clinically

    Delivers 5 powerful benefits in one product:

    • Faster surface cell renewal
    • Visible correction of lines and wrinkles
    • Reduced appearance of dark spots
    • More even looking complexion
    • Deep moisture overnight
  • Who uses this
    • Normal, Oily, Dry,
    • Skin Concerns
    • Visible Pores, Dryness, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Uneven Texture, Dullness
  • How to Use

    1. Always start by washing away impurities, makeup and oils to prepare your skin for the rest of your routine.

    2. Apply your Super Serum Night Repair, then follow with additional treatments - like your favorite eye cream.

    3. Seal in all of the Super Serum greatness with your favorite Olay moisturizer, and be sure to use SPF during the day.

  • Ingredients

    Water, Glycerin, Dimethicone, Niacinamide, Lactic Acid, Polyacrylate Crosspolymer-6, Palmitoyl Dipeptide-7*, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Extract**, 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid***, Sodium Hyaluronate^, Tocopheryl Acetate^*, Panthenol^**, Trehalose, Salicylic Acid, PEG-11 Methyl Ether Dimethicone, Sodium Lactate, Sodium Benzoate, Mica, Titanium Dioxide *Peptide, **Ceramide, ***Vitamin C, ^Hyaluronic Acid, ^*Vitamin E, ^**Pro-Vitamin B5

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The Power of 5 Night Serum Benefits in One

  • Faster Surface Cell Renewal
  • Visibly Corrects Wrinkles & Lines
  • Reduces Appearance of Dark Spots
  • More Even Looking Complexion
  • Overnight Deep Moisture

Real Results

We test our formulations across a diverse range of skin tones and ages

Through clinical studies, we seek proof of product performance to ensure that women of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds can safely and effectively benefit from using our Olay products.






Ingredient Texture

Key Ingredients

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic Acid is a BHA (beta hydroxy acid) and is known to increase your surface cell renewal rate by removing the top layer of dead skin cells.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

Our favorite ingredient at Olay is Vitamin B3. This ingredient is known to help skin retain moisture keeping it seriously hydrated.

Lactic Acid

Lactic acid is an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) and helps break down the bonds that hold dead skin cells together, allowing the outermost layer of dead skin cells to be easily removed.

This helps to reveal brighter, smoother, and more even-toned skin. You should always use sunscreen when using products containing lactic acid as it can increase the skin's sensitivity to the sun.


Peptides are short chains of amino acids that play a key role in the structure and function of the skin. Peptides can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture, and increase firmness and elasticity.


Want to help skin retain more moisture? Make a friend of glycerin. It fortifies and strengthens skin's precious surface moisture barrier. Oh, and it also gives skin a more youthful look. More, please!

How to incorporate Super Serum into your regimen

Step 1. Cleanse. Female model washing her face with Olay cleanser

Step 1


Always start by washing away impurities, makeup, and oils. This prepares your skin for the rest of your routine.

Step 2. Treat with Super Serum. Female model applying Olay Super Serum on her cheek

Step 2

Treat with Super Serum

Apply your Super Serum Night Repair, and follow with additional treatments—like your favorite eye cream.

Step 3. Moisturize & Protect. Female model applying Olay Moisturizer on her cheek

Step 3

Moisturize & Protect

Seal in all of the Super Serum greatness with your favorite Olay moisturizer, and be sure to use SPF during the day.

Super Serum Unboxing
Let’s see inside the Olay Super Serum box. The Serum has a dainty twist off dropper for easy application!
Super Serum Unboxing
Let’s see inside the Olay Super Serum box. The Serum has a dainty twist off dropper for easy application!
Play Unboxing Olay Super Serum video showing how it works
Olay Super serum lined up with Olay Vitamin C Moisturizer, Olay Niacinamide Moisturizer, and Olay Retinol24 Moisturizer.
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Super Serum Night Repair Lineup
Frequently Asked Questions
How does Super Serum Night Repair fit into my routine?

Super Serum Night Repair seamlessly elevates your skincare lineup! Integrate it into the second step in your routine: the treat stage. Cleanse skin, smooth Super Serum Night Repair evenly over face and neck, then finish up with your favorite Olay moisturizer. Be sure to apply SPF the following morning.

What's the texture of Super Serum Night Repair?

Super Serum Night Repair feels luxurious, lightweight and smooth. It absorbs quickly and activates on skin surface to moisturize without leaving a sticky or tacky feeling. Here’s the coolest part: When you apply a drop to your skin, the iridescent color becomes clear to indicate the product has absorbed into the skin.

Should I use Super Serum Night Repair every night?

Super Serum Night Repair was designed to be used once a day. We recommend applying it at night for the best results. Apply SPF the following morning.

Can Super Serum Night Repair replace moisturizer?

Super Serum Night Repair is an incredibly powerful product that works great on its own or paired with a moisturizer. It pairs especially well with our Vitamin C, Niacinamide and Retinol24 face moisturizers.

Olay Super Serum Night Repair

Super Serum Night Repair