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skin care science and innovations


What are peptides?
Scientifically speaking, peptides are tiny fragments of protein molecules: short chains of amino acids that naturally occur in the skin. Practically speaking, peptides are a growing trend in anti-aging skin care. In fact, you can find peptide technology in our Regenerist line of moisturizers. Find them here.

What do peptides do?
Peptides can allow the natural production of collagen and elastin, both of which plump the skin and give it elasticity. And both of which decline as we age. In skin care products, peptides can work together with glycerin to enhance the stratum corneum to increase hydration, which in turn helps allow the natural production of collagen.

Not surprisingly, the use of peptides in commercial products has significantly risen in recent years. Another peptide getting its fair share of attention is pal-KT. Expect to see more from peptides in the future.