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skin care science and innovations

The Science Behind A Youthful GlowThe Science Behind A Youthful Glow

Beauty—It’s in the eye of the beholder. Really.

Did you know that having youthful-looking, glowing skin can actually be less about how you look and more about how people see you? A breakthrough in an imaging technique co-developed by P&G beauty scientists is now enabling researchers to understand how and why the human eye perceives a person to have a youthful glow.

To understand how the human eye perceives young skin, a device called a SIAscope (Spectrophotometric Intracutaneous Analysis) was developed. It uses visible and infra-red light to create maps that show how light-absorbing molecules in the skin, called chromophores (for example, collagen), change with age.

The future looks more like the past.

Using the SIAscope, researchers have discovered that beyond wrinkles, variances in chromophores can also contribute to making skin looking older. Armed with that knowledge, P&G beauty scientists are working to create products that can mask chromophores and trick the human eye—making your skin look younger.