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Did You Know? Dry Skin Remedies In Your Shower 
skin care basics and routines

Improving Your Eye AreaYour eyes are always busy, telling the world about you. That’s one reason why the area around them is so prone to expression lines. But while we can love laugh lines, let’s be honest: we can do without dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark spots. To deal with them effectively, it’s important to understand eye skin care and give proper attention to this, one of the thinnest, most delicate skin on your body.

Shedding light on dark circles, lines, dark spots and puffy eyes.
Dark circles have a variety of causes. Many experts believe that blood retention caused by fatigue, lack of sleep or stress can create the look of dark circles. Other causes? Veins and capillaries can show through skin; irritation and dry skin can make the area look dull and tired. Finally, natural shadows from the brow bone can also make this area appear darker.

When it comes to fine lines (crow’s feet), wrinkles, puffiness and dark spots, it’s wise to remember that this delicate area of the face can show signs of aging a lot sooner than other areas of skin on our face and body. So it’s important to limit sun damage, improper care and neglect.

Bottom line: Give your eye area the right kind of care.
To help prevent or to minimize the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and damage, make sure to use a special lightweight moisturizer (eye cream) under the eye area. Under-eye creams are specially formulated to deal with the special needs of this area. For example, they won’t migrate on the skin. That way, they won’t run into the eye and irritate it—which regular moisturizers can do.

Further reflections on eye skin care.
Look for under-eye creams that contain gentle and non-irritating ingredients along with a wide range of vitamins, antioxidants, and skin-plumping substances. Be careful to also manage salt intake, get enough sleep and try not to rub the area around the eyes. If you have allergies/sinusitis be sure to keep them under control as much as possible since that can also contribute to the puffiness in this area. The under-eye area is also one place where stress shows very quickly, so managing your stressors is helpful as well.

Nighttime is an especially good time to treat this delicate area, as skin is more receptive then. Gently massage eye products into the skin around the eyes. And, as you treat and care for the skin around your eyes, remember to always protect your skin with an SPF product during the day.