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Did You Know? Dry Skin Remedies In Your Shower 
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The Science of Pro-X

In 2000, one of the great scientific achievements occurred when the sequencing of the human genome revealed the entire genetic blueprint. That discovery led P&G Beauty Scientists to explore how skin-related genes function and, more importantly, respond to aging and environmental stress at the molecular level.

how Pro-X resignals
P&G Beauty Scientists identified multiple bio-chemical pathways that are active in younger skin, but inactive or overactive in older skin. Using genomics tools, the group discovered that a healthy, strong stratum corneum moisture barrier is key to maximum skin appearance. As a result, each Pro-X anti-aging moisturizer contains a unique combination of anti-aging ingredients formulated to resignal the stratum corneum by increasing surface turnover and repairing the moisture barrier. The result is potent, proven, and professional.