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Anti Aging Skincare by Olay Regenerist

What is Skin Energy?

Your skin isn't getting older. It's just tired.

If you think you look older than you should, low skin energy could be the culprit. Low skin energy not only causes an aged appearance, it also makes skin less responsive to anti-aging products. Fortunately you can re-energize your skin to look years younger.

How it Works

The first formula to fight skin fatigue

Olay's exclusive skin energizing technology can help you look up to 10 years younger. P&G Skincare Scientists are using groundbreaking Cellular Bioenergetics techniques for the first time in skincare to give you reformulated Regenerist products. They contain a unique Advanced Amino-Peptide formula, which helps fight the look of skin fatigue. It energizes the look of skin and accelerates the appearance of anti-aging results by accelerating surface cell turnover. Energized skin is younger-looking skin.

The Olay Difference

Raise Your Skin Energy with Olay Regenerist

If you're not seeing benefits from your anti-aging treatments, you could be suffering from low skin energy. But you can boost your skin's metabolism, re-energizing it with Olay Regenerist. Our new Amino-Peptide formula reduces the look of wrinkles. So your skin stops acting its age.