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skin care basics & routines

vitamin A
Also known as retinyl palmitate, this antioxidant is known for its anti aging benefits that help firm and smooth skin's texture. The moisturizing effects also help to prevent dry skin while keeping skin healthy and clear.
vitamin B3
Also called niacin and nicotinic acid, this water-soluble ingredient has been shown to prevent skin from losing water content, as well as to stimulate circulation in the skin. Recent studies have shown that it also improves the appearance of wrinkles and skin discolorations, reduces redness and improves skin elasticity.
vitamin B5
Vitamin B5 is helpful in the treatment of acne as well as an effective moisturizer.
vitamin C
This important vitamin found in citrus fruits, tomatoes and green, leafy vegetables is an important antioxidant that also offers clarifying benefits.
vitamin E
Vitamin E is known for its antioxidant and moisturizing properties. It is also thought to diminish the effects of environmental pollutants.
vitis vinifera (grape) seed extract
Grape seed extract contains proanthocyanidins, which are considered to be very potent antioxidants, helpful for diminishing the sun's damaging effects and lessening free-radical damage.