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Alliance of Experts

In the space between science and beauty, a group of renowned dermatologists and P&G Scientists set out to create a breakthrough and forever change the anti-aging landscape.

This team of experts in dermatology, clinical methods, biochemistry, and molecular biology, partnered to form the Alliance. Their combined knowledge resulted in a line of professional products that deliver clinically proven results in 28 days. Guaranteed.*

Greg Hillebrand, PhD

P&G Beauty Science
Specialties: Skin Aging — Biochemistry and EpidemiologyP&G Beauty Science

Greg Hillebrand, PhD

Dr. Greg Hillebrand is an internationally-renowned skin aging expert who has published widely in prominent academic and industry journals, magazines and books. His groundbreaking research has shed new light on how skin ageing differs among the various ethnicities and geographies across the globe. His most recent work was published in the British Journal of Dermatology and spans the course of 8 years, and establishing for the first time that expresssion lines develop into persistent wrinkles. His research has been essential to the development of several Olay technologies.

Dr. Hillebrand is a world-leading imaging expert. His groundbreaking research into facial skin aging imaging techniques laid the foundation for the VISIA™ imaging system which is found in doctor’s offices around the world.

Dr. Hillebrand joined Procter & Gamble as a scientist in 1986 and has since held multiple roles in R&D at both the Cincinnati, OH and Kobe, Japan Technical Centers. He received a BS in Biochemistry and BS in Physiology from Michigan State University, a PhD in Biochemistry from Baylor College of Medicine and was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Biochemistry at the University of Illinois. Dr. Hillebrand is currently responsible for upstream technology in P&G’s Skin Care Product Development organization.

Dr. Hillebrand has been published widely in leading academic and industry journals including the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, magazines and books. He has been a member of the USA Society of Cosmetic Chemists since 1991 where he served on a variety of committees and positions including Vice-President Elect, Vice-President and President in 2005.

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